Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heat forbids cuddling ... and sleeping

I went to bed four hours ago... But it is too hot to sleep. The dramatic me wants to claim that in addition, it is also too hot to sit, stand, breathe - or even exist.

Troy and I laid choking to death from heat discussing whether or not we should take the owner of the new house up on his offer to let us use a King-sized bed frame he has there. We think we should get two twin-sized mattresses and use the frame. It will be a wonderful thing! More space to sweat!

"But when will we cuddle, when will be spoon? This will wreck everything." FALSE.

This country strictly forbids cuddling. Let us examine the evidence:
There is just no way. The closest thing to cuddling you'll ever find is two pinkies intertwined in a bold act of rebellion against the heat and humidity. That is it though. It ends there.

So ... there is hardly anything going on. We were like ... soooo bored. "What should we do, life is just hum drum every day the same thing - nothing going on."

"Why not plan a wedding!!" we said.


This is an official call out to both ladies and gents alike. We are looking for your best tips, time saving advice, money saving schemes, discounts, freebies and unique ideas. We have a wedding to plan.

Pertinent info:
January 2009, location: South Florida

If your tip or idea is used we will send you a fabulous prize hope that you feel the deep satisfaction of knowing you've helped someone.
Bring your A game only please.

This guy lost one of two dangling-by-the-thread-of-his-gums teeth today. Next one due to rot fall out any moment.