Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gangs, Cell Phones & Dancing

A few odd parts of our celebrate the decade date last night:
  • A huge (maybe 50 bikes) motorcycle gang was parked in front of the hotel. There are motorcycle gangs in Haiti!?!?!? Harleys and everything. There were motorcyclish looking guys everywhere.

  • There was a "women's fair" being held in the banquet area of the hotel. It was for women to sell and display their art. There were lots of beautiful handmade items. Somewhere along the way DIGICEL became art. They had an impressive booth with the art of cellular technology available for all to buy. Digicel continues to pull off amazing marketing in a somewhat saturated market.

  • After a fabulous glass of wine and a delicious dinner we went for a walk around the beautiful grounds of the hotel. We heard music so we stopped and danced in the dark on a walking path. We traded sweet words for a moment ... and then we stopped talking and realized the song we were dancing to: Little Drummer Boy - Baby Jesus, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom, I am a poor boy too, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom, I have no gift to bring, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom , romp pa pom pom romp pa pomp pommmmmmm - Slow dancing to Christmas music on a dark sidewalk in 80 degree temps in mid-November ... I think I can safely say, *that* has never happened before... But I highly recommend it. :)

In conclusion: Just your average night out. ;)