Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday's Stuff

Some things going on - that on the grander scale are not so terrible;
but they are annoying enough to be bringing a few attitudes down:
(those with floundering attitudes shall remain anonymous)

  • EDH/city electricity - have not had it for 72 hours+
  • Neighbors claim they will take us to court for running our generator in the night (we did it for the first time in SIX weeks two nights ago, for only two hours ... they spazzed out.)
  • Last night to reduce their anger we went without power (fans) from 11pm until 6am. Mosquitoes feasted upon some Livesays. Nice for them. Nice for the neighbors. Bad for some Livesays.
  • The roosters are now the preferred neighbors.
  • Truck has major issues - unsafe to drive. Part alone will cost $1,070. Looking for a mechanic that knows how to fix it. No vehicle for many days.
  • There are a couple of us with lingering hacking coughs - airplanes are germ cesspools and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Internet drops for three to four hours on and off throughout the day. Seems to correspond directly with the times we need to use the internet.
On the bright side ... we're here - we're all safe - we're together - God loves us - there is more to life than electricity (or so I've been told) - ;) - we're having fun visitors very soon (Tina & Tess) and celebrating 10 years of marriage next Friday. :)

Onward and Upward.
Have a great weekend!