Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Apples imported to Haiti might have originated in the USA -- but once in Haiti, they are not welcomed back to their homeland.

We tried to return them and got sniffed out in customs in Miami. Actually, we just wanted some of our $2/apple - apples to snack on while we traveled. Miami customs agents were not open to that idea. As they were taking $12 of apples away from me, Paige was snapping this photo. We turned to walk away and the guy says "Excuse me, I need that camera - you are not allowed to take photos here." He took it and made sure the photos showing any agents were deleted.

That was the story of our dramatic entry into our homeland. To make matters worse, on our return to Haiti we had to leave Honeycrisp apples (Minnesota grown - the best apple in history) behind because our bags were full. It was not a good trip for apples.

Random Kid Quotes of this week:
Noah was dying to use a restroom on the way to our hotel on Sunday night. He kept saying he could not hold it, but we were not near an exit. Hope said, "Noah, if you were a girl this would not be so hard for you." Upon further questioning she shared with great confidence that girls "hold it" better.

After visiting a friends house Hope told us in a very horrified tone that "They do not use soft toilet paper and that makes it so the kids go around with poop in their pants!!!"

Learned how to say "gorgeous" and says, "Lydia, you are gorgeous!"
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