Monday, November 24, 2008

Prenatal Class

We rotate the women, every four weeks they are measured and have a more in-depth check up. Every week we take blood pressure, pulse, and record their weight. Beth and Lisa are pictured above. Beth just got back from delivering babies for two weeks in the D.R.

Classroom Teaching ...
Last week we taught on the importance of good nutrition during pregnancy and avoiding all alcohol and cigarettes. Troy stopped in to take photos at the exact time that I was up in front of the room with a fake pregnant belly, a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of Rum in the other. He made some smart remark like, "just like at home".

Sheila and I did a role play skit where I was a smoking, drinking pregnant lady and she was a friend trying to tell me why that was so terrible for my unborn baby. After our skit/role-play we had a couple ladies come up and practice what they had learned by doing their own role play.

In the photo below the lady in the yellow is telling the lady in the black to put down the rum if she wants to have a healthy baby. We had fun getting the message across while being silly.
Three of the gals in the program, all expecting in 2009...
This class takes place once a week. Please pray for these beautiful women. Their lives are incredibly challenging.