Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Lori and Licia have been taking care of a lovely lady named Seramise for more than 18 months.

We (our family) first met her on January 20, 2007 when she came to us after her accident. We had no idea at the time how serious it was, but we knew it required skill we did not have. Story here.

She almost immediately went to the Rescue Center and the Real Hope for Haiti medical clinic. Lori's initial post about it is here.

Since that time she has lived in Cazale and had her bandages changed hundreds and hundreds of times. She has not returned to her home or her family since the day of the accident.
Can you imagine?

Today she was able to have the first of many surgeries. Lori worked to find solutions for her and today she is in the Central Plateau recovering from a graft surgery. She likely needs multiple skin grafts - the road ahead is long - but she has hope!

To Licia AND Lori: You never gave up on Seramise ... thank you!!!!!

Please pray that all the grafts necessary can happen and that she can return healed, healthier and happy to her family in the mountains.