Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nou La (We're Here)

  • The last 30 hours have been much cooler. Noah is wearing long sleeves today. When it dips down to 83 degrees we must bundle up.
  • Tina got here safely on Tuesday, we have been having a lot of fun together. We ran a few miles both mornings and did errands and Women's Program today. Annie and Tina are getting reacquainted.
  • Today I went to the Embassy to get more pages put in my Passport. I have been in and out of Haiti 24 times in the last seven years and I did not have any pages to use to go to an important wedding in January. Note this: It takes 95 minutes to get pages put into a passport.
While I was at the Embassy Troy took our girls to go visit their birth mother. (November is Adoption Month!) They called and asked to see the girls and we were happy to set up a reunion.

Troy spent a lot of time explaining to Hope that they would probably be very happy to see her and would want to love on her and maybe hold her. She really seems to get it this time around. She has not seen them for more than a year.

Troy said they had food and beverage prepared and were all ready and excited for them to visit. The house they are living in is one that another family (who adopted one of Hope's older sisters) and our family helped them rent. It is much nicer than their previous homes. Both of our girls were born in Cite Soleil. We're so thankful they are not living there anymore.

When I asked Hope about it she said it was fun and that the only weird thing is that, "My Haitian sister has kids!!!"

Below are photos from their visit today. The first photo is Hope's first Mom and older sister. The second photo is Hope and Phoebe with their niece and nephew. Hope loved learning that she is "Auntie Hope" to a girl the same age as her.

Phoebe was Phoebe and had no idea what was going on but loved the Coke she got to drink. The last photo is Phoebe and Hope with their birth mom.