Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jesus, Guevara, Marley

Noah and Hope are begging me to swim with them while the three babies nap ... this will be brief.
  • Yes, we are hearing another school collapsed. Unsure of any details.
  • Troy is gone to St Marc this afternoon. I am going to beg him to tell you about the purpose of the trip because it says a lot about how things work in Haiti. He is doing what I call posturing and what John M. calls "show business". Whatever you call it, the fact that it works is mostly crazy.
  • Noah asked today "Ma, how long did it take for you and Dad to grow up?" I assured him we have a long way to go. Who knows if we ever will.
  • I chuckled today when I was at the round-about and in front of me were three large tap-taps ... the bigger bus kind ... they all had a man painted on back ... the choices were: 1. Jesus 2. Che Guevara and 3.) Bob Marley --- The only thing I can figure that they have in common, besides being tap-tap art, is that they all died in their thirties. Are there other links I am missing?
  • So, you can ride with 1. the risen Savior, 2. a dead "revolutionary" Marxist, or 3. a dead reggae artist. I would ride in the Jesus tap-tap every time ... If I had to ride in a tap-tap that is.
  • I came close to having a problem on the road today. So I may end up on a tap-tap afterall. I desperately need to make time to get my Haitian drivers license. I did not drive all that much until we moved to town in August so I found ways to justify not getting one. It is always exciting when you can find a rule that is actually enforced ... even in a near-anarchy you still need that piece of plastic (and maybe a few gourdes) in order to get past the police stops.
I stole the quote below from another blog -- I liked it because it made me realize that my uncertainty about WHY exactly we're here doing whatever it is we're doing ... well, it is okay - and even normal. ( And not necessarily unfaithful) Not only that; it is my way of loving God - to just act in the face of my almost constant questioning and uncertainty.

"a love that requires absolute assurance in order to act is not love...when we can say we will follow God regardless of the uncertainty, then real faith is born - for love acts not whenever a certain set of criteria has been met, but rather because it is in the nature of love to act."
~Pete Rollins

Jenell said: Pete's book reassured me that doubt is part of faith, and concealment is part of revelation, and that despite all we don't see or know, we are given enough light to take the next step.