Friday, April 17, 2009

Bittersweet Symphony

(2006 video reposted)

Yesterday Tipap and Jeronne were talking election. Like us, they have never lived in the city during an election and they are nervous and wondering if things will go well. Rumors dominate and one never knows what is truth and what is a load of crap. The media cannot get it right either. I saw a headline yesterday that said "Clinton visits war-torn Haiti". Not sure how we missed the war.

We'll lay low ... wait and see what the weekend brings and pray that everyone keeps their heads screwed on straight. Staying home is the decision of the intelligent/cautious expats. As a person who once stated "I will NEVER live in that city" ... Eight months in, I am learning never say never. Britt and I speculated on how well reverse psychology might work when talking to God about our desires. Britt wondered if maybe we'd have been wiser to beg the Lord to please move us into an intense city. In that case, maybe we'd still have grass and wide open space? No. Probably not.

Yesterday for pre-natal class I taught on Malaria. Beth is usually the teacher, but she is in Boston. I don't feel like a natural teacher at all. It is hard because the audience does not give you much feedback or any indication of anything ... hopefully they got it. Rainy season is coming, although it does not seem possible - the mosquitoes will get worse. We live in a low-lying part of town and it gets pretty swamp-like down here.

This little guy was born Tuesday and was running a fever yesterday. His mom has not named him. We're concerned and hoping to find them and check on him today. Check out that atrocious umbilical cord. :( He was born at General Hospital ... which still holds the title for one of the most horrific places I have ever seen. Those might be bruises from a difficult delivery or Mongolian spots - not too sure. Either way, this little unnamed guy could use your prayers.