Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hair Things

I have no idea how to braid black hair. I don't think it is a skill I can learn. I wear a baseball hat 5 days out of 7. The other two days - when I "go fancy" I put my hair in a pony tail. I am not cut out for doing little girl hair - especially not challenging hair.
(So God gave me five girls.)
We have struggled to keep Phoebe's hair looking good. She H.A.T.E.S. having it done. She will often scream through the entire time someone is working on her. We have always done the styles that required the least amount of time. Unfortunately those styles also don't last too long. So every five days we are bugging her again. For the first time we decided to try extensions and see if a style that will last longer might be worth enduring hours of her screaming. We hired two ladies to come to try to speed up the process. Below she is saying "HOW COULD YOU?!!" (or maybe - I hate you) with her eyes.

I do know how to take braids out. While Phoebe was being tortured with new hair, I spent the morning making Hope extension free for the first time this year. Hope has an insane amount of hair. She likes it to be free for a few days before we re-braid. It gives her a whole new attitude too. :)

Phoebe seemed happy with her finished look. Hope will get her hair done again next Saturday, until then ... 'puffs' are my specialty. (Getting the part straight is harder than you might think.)

Happy Easter to all - He is Risen!