Friday, April 03, 2009

Eighteen Mind-Numbing Months

For as totally and completely afraid as I was before lucky number 7 entered this world, it seems kind of crazy that she has now been outside the womb twice as long as she was inside. In that time I think I have become significantly less neurotic. (Not seeking outside opinions on this.)

I find it odd that time passes as quickly as it does. I am telling you - it was about 86 seconds ago that I saw two lines on the pregnancy test. At the time I questioned whether God knew what He was doing giving us two babies at once - nothing much has changed there. (Oh - except it's now three babies.)

Lydia Beth is not so much the calm and quiet and mellow little girl I had hoped for ... no-not at all ...she is much, much more. :)

This one will not be pushed down, around, or out ... her ranking as "last born" will never keep her from being included. She demands attention and fights for her spot. Her temper is impressive. She believes an 18 month old can and should do everything a 2 and 5 year old does. The girl has spunk. Attitude. Charisma. Noah has met his match. She's just half way to two and she's already got the terrible part licked.

Thank you God for knowing how much we would love and enjoy this ornery little girl.
Protect her Lord and help us be good parents to them all.