Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter Thoughts

This 2009 Season of Lent has been an interesting time for us. Circumstances have led us to examine the sacrifice that was made from new angles. We're asking: What did it mean for Jesus to choose the cross?

We're not spiritual giants. We struggle and we wrestle and we wait on God and try to be faithful in that wait. We have questions and we're messy and we're ugly and we don't often get it right. This weekend as we celebrate what God did when He sent His son, we want to try to allow that reality to settle on us ... not just a story but a real choice made by a giving God and a humble Savior. We hope you'll consider and reflect on the pain and suffering Jesus endured for us. The CHOICE He made to do that. It was our sin that held him there. And because He endured it we can know forgiveness and healing and love... and in turn are called to share forgiveness and healing and love with others.

Grateful for how deep the Father's love is for us, and wishing you a Blessed Easter weekend.

T & T & Tribe