Friday, April 10, 2009


The troops are off of school until Tuesday now. Anticipation is building for Jen's arrival and beach day. We realized we have not taken our entire family to the beach since we moved to the giant cement inferno ... er, I mean - city. That was 8 months ago.

We had always heard that kids pick up language easily. We have an odd bunch because in our group we have Britt and Paige who speak Creole very well, Isaac, Hope and Noah who only know a few things but are not at all able to function with it, and then Phoebe, Lydia and Annie who speak and seem to understand both languages. Tonight Lydie said "Gade right there" - Gade means look. We laughed and spurred her on to say it again. The babies and their funny version of Crenglish entertains us.

These photos are from the first ever Easter egg coloring extravaganza in our home. The poor deprived Livesay children missed out for years upon years due to their busy, tired, and scrooge-like parents. They finally feel like they've lived a little.

Please forgive the tattoos on Noah's arm. He has not yet read Leviticus and does not know about the old law. Give him time. Admittedly he is a total slacker and if he ever wants to grow up to love and serve legalism he had better get a move on.