Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet the new missionaries from Three Angels, they are like the dream team in Haiti. He is a Doc and she is a nurse.It was fun to chat with them and hear their thoughts about having raised many of their kids abroad.

Women's program went well, the baby without a name from the previous post is doing great and seems to be over whatever was causing his fever. A few of you asked about Christianne. She is doing well too and Ella is a super fat and healthy baby.

Yesterday afternoon and evening we got a huge treat of having some of our favorite lards from Minnesota over. Our friends from Providence Ministries are in Haiti and they came over and cooked us dinner and hung out. There is something very encouraging about just being with people who "get" you and know your story. It was a very fun night, we stayed up way too late but these opportunities are so infrequent it was well worth it.

Today we're all headed to Missionaries of Charity to love on kids. :)