Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Peeps

Our favorite lards are jetting out of here today. :( We had a really great two days with them. Terri (in white) spent some time helping us and counseling on some things we're struggling with lately. I am a huge fan of counseling. I think most people could really benefit from it and it was perfect timing for her to show up down here. Thank you Terri for spending so much time with us and for being so good at what you do! Hearing Terri say that we're doing a good job dealing with a lot of things at once in a difficult environment was very validating and helpful.

Troy was busy with other things but I got to go to Missionaries of Charity with the group yesterday. I want to make another visit there soon, I was moved by it. It was so devastating to see that many malnourished kids in one spot. I will share more about their mission and what we saw later.

After our trip to Missionaries of Charity we went to get Hope from school, she gets out earlier than Ike and Paige. On the way home I thought I heard Marcia teasing Hope in the back of the truck but Marcia is terribly ornery so I did not think much of it. (Photo from last year's teasing.)
Hope, Noah and Phoebe got to spend the afternoon with the group and were treated to swimming and pizza and ice cream at the Visa Lodge. Terri stayed with us at our house and the reduced number of kids made it easier to talk. (Thanks guys for giving the kids a fun day!) Hope had fun getting to know Lexi (who is the older sister of Tess -- and Hope LOVES Tess). The kids came home at bedtime after almost six hours in the pool very tired and excited about all the fun they had.

This morning Troy was getting ready to walk out the door to bring the kids to school when he noticed Hope was not in uniform. He said, "Honey why are you wearing your P.J. pants and a t-shirt?" Hope said, "Daddy, it is GREEN day today." Troy questioned her and asked if she was sure and she said "Yes Daddy - it is!" Troy suggested she wear the green shirt but go put on jeans instead of her pajama pants.

After he dropped the kids Hope's teacher (the famous Mrs. Ackerman) called and asked Troy why Hope was out of uniform. Troy said, "She told me it was green day." Mrs. Ackerman said, "Yeah she told me that too. She said someone named Marcia told her that. I don't know if that is someone here at school or who that is."

Troy assured Mrs. Ackerman that he knew EXACTLY WHO Marcia was. Mrs. Ackerman said she usually lets us know these sorts of things in a note ... to which Troy thought, "yeah but there is a good chance we miss more than a few of the notes" - long story short - Marcia Erickson is a serious teaser and needs to be reigned in and Hope got out of wearing her uniform today.

Beth is now visiting her kids and grand-kids and even convinced curmudgeonly old John to join her. We all love when he leaves the country because he is such a tease/jerk about us ever leaving. With Beth away, I am teaching about water at women's program today. How to make it safer, how to drink enough of it, how important it is for health. Most people here walk around pretty severely dehydrated ... the massive number of headaches are no mystery. I hope I don't bore anyone to death and that it goes well.

Paige is getting her teeth cleaned and then braces late this afternoon, Troy and I are calling it a date. Maybe we'll light up the waiting room with candles and share a granola bar and a soda or something super romantic like that.

Happy Green Day to all.