Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flooding and Facebook

It hasn't really rained in our area for about two to three weeks.

We had that one week of non stop rain in early June, causing those of us that demand sunshine daily to have major bouts with depression. It may be true that an unnamed person at my house might have googled "Is Seasonal Affective Disorder a thing and if so is it possible to get it on day four of cloudiness and if so what is the cure?"  - or not. 

Thankfully for those living in cruddy tents with real problems, someone turned off the rain switch right around the 7th of June and since then it has been very dry.

Despite  the lack of lapli the road that we must travel to get to the Harbor House, Sewing House, Heartline Office, or Maternity Center currently looks like this:

At points it gets about 18"+ deep.  It is uneven and unpredictable. Those of us from this area know that there are big ditches on either side, you know - "for drainage" - (ahem) - but unfortunately for the newbies coming through it is often a ditch they find themselves stuck in for hours.  Mmmm. Unknown water source, flip-flops, standing around for hours and hours.  Sounds delish, huh?

We used to willingly walk over to the program houses.  Not so much now.

Shocking as it may seem, the Department of Transportation hasn't yet shown up to fix whatever is causing this non-stop flood-fest.

The real reason for this post wasn't to gripe about the ridiculous road. No. It wasn't.

It was for this purpose:

If you wish to follow Heartline in one easy location and you are a member user of the cult Facebook - this is our new Non-Profit page on facebook:

There are a few Heartline pages but this new one stop page is the one titled this way:

Heartline Ministries - Haiti