Wednesday, June 01, 2011

n'ap vini

Jen left PAP Tuesday to head back to MN to finish up major projects/work that are all coming to an end in the next six weeks.  She has plenty to do in two countries and we've always wondered how we could trap her in the one we're in once and for all. We have plenty of ideas, we're just a little afraid of implementing our plans; not all of the ideas are legal. We only know we don't like when she is in MN very much.  In other sad news, Joanna will leave PAP tomorrow too. 

Monday night we met up with friends in Austin.  Friendships birthed in Haiti always seem to be really solid ones.  

Bonds that cannot be broken were born one hot Sunday afternoon in '08 on the side of a mountain in Haiti. Aaron Ivey trusted Troy enough to admit he'd schat his pants and he was powerless to deal with it alone .... and the rest is history.  Our faces hurt the next morning from laughing so much.

Tuesday we stopped in Waco again to hug Britt and Chris and Paige and say goodbye. Britt and Paige argued about who felt more sadness between them and I assured them that I felt the most sad and they could quit trying to compete.  I win. We'll see Paige in a month when she comes home from her summer trip. We don't think we'll see Britt & Chris for seven months but things could change. (Read: please, things, change!)

After an amazingly fun time in TX, we're headed "home". It is always odd and wonderful to confirm that as senseless (?) and confusing as it sometimes is, 'home' right now is in Port au Prince. 

We're excited to get home today. Missing us some rowdy little livesay-kids. We cannot thank Joanna enough for doing such a great job caring for our tribe.

Joanna & Kids

Decorating for Jen before she left

Dokte Jen & Geronne