Friday, June 24, 2011

Prenatal Class

Dork one and dork two posing shortly before a skit meant to demonstrate the stages of labor.

It was a very fun Thursday class, taught by visiting (and fluent Kreyol speaking) midwife, Melissa. The ladies were attentive and entertained by the lesson.

We've had a streak of sad stories, most of which we've not written much about.  In the last three weeks three of our ladies have had very sad endings to their pregnancies.

One loss was almost certainly caused by a choice the woman made. One was a baby born too premature to a teen mama. One was a lady that had a large growth of some sort - ended up needing a c-section to remove the growth along with her deceased baby.  Three losses in such a short period of time is very uncommon. Prayers for the battles (both seen and unseen) are important to the ladies and us ... and are so very appreciated. Thank you for caring.