Wednesday, June 29, 2011

how sure? very sure.

4:15am photo documentation by Marcia E.
Paige met Julia when she was 6 and Julia was 8. They became friends in Zimmerman, MN in early 2000. Five years into their friendship Paige moved 3,000 miles away. Thanks to the determination and hard work of both of these ladies and to the gift of Internet they have stayed connected across the miles and are still best friends.  Coming to Haiti is no small thing for Julia. She fears flying, but she loves Paige more than she fears flying.

About five months ago Julia told Paige she wanted to come. Ever since that announcement Paige has been excited for this day.   They are currently heading this direction together.  Paige is a seasoned professional when it comes to international travel. As my friend who dropped her at the airport said, "She knows the drill."  We're very sure prayers for Julia's nerves and smooth drama-free travel - are going up from at least a couple locations today.
Paige & Julia

We are all excited for Paige's return and Julia's visit. The kids are incredibly hyper and happy today. While I was writing this Paige texted "We are a bit delirious ... so giddy. Acting like fools."

The countdown to the arrival of said fools is on.

Paige had a very fun time in Texas and Minnesota and a great five week break from Haiti-life.  While we missed her so much it was fun for us to know she was having a blast doing all kinds of things she cannot do here. Thank you to every single friend and family member that spoiled her with meals and outings and memory-making-fun.  Special thanks to our friend from both countries, Marcia Erickson, for agreeing to step into the (concerned and aware but not controlling or overbearing) mother role and keep track of Paige's whereabouts for me.

We chatted with a grown MK/TCK (missionary kid/third culture kid) the other night. I picked her brain asking how it was for her to leave here after being raised here and how it went blending back into American culture. Overwhelmingly the response from grown TCKs has been "the positives far outweigh the negatives" - Both Britt and Paige have repeatedly said they appreciate the larger world view that they gained because of their time here, and while it is obviously sometimes painful to live divided between two groups of friends and family, they are thankful for the experiences. We hope that our younger crew of five end up feeling the same way.  As parents we'd really like to figure out a way to give our kids the best of both worlds while still being faithful to what we think/guess/feel/believe God is doing. People ask us a lot if we're staying in Haiti long term.  The answer is the same as it was in early 2006. We are here for the next year. Ask us again in twelve months. We don't pretend to know the long-term future or even to try to guess it.  Maybe we're dumb to approach it that way.  So be it. Dumb works well for us. 

Jen, Paige, Andy
We want to congratulate our amazing and determined friend Dokte Jen.  Last night she officially finished her long, long road of education and is now a "Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow" - I don't fully know what the heck that means but I do know it means she worked hard for many, many, many years and she is finally done. We love you Jennifer!!! So happy for you and proud of you!  Haiti and Minnesota are very, very lucky to have your wicked awesome skills.

Troy is tweeting Isaac quotes whenever a good one occurs - here are the first two entries:

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