Saturday, June 04, 2011

the newest addition

The kids got an invite to Beth's house today for a pizza, watermelon, and chocolate-peanut-butter bars luncheon.  The parents were not technically invited but they tagged along because they have tasted Beth's food before and they are no dummies. While we were there we picked our puppy. There had been great debate about picking the runt of the litter but in the end with some suggestive steering the kids went with the second biggest female.

In four weeks she'll be ready to move to our house.  Our first Mastiff, named Peanut, has always been called "Nut-Dog"  ....   introducing Nut Dog 2.0

Meet Hazelnut Livesay ...

third from left - hazelnut - w/ her 2 brothers & 3 sisters
Not really sure why puppies bring out Noah's inner gangsta.  At least he is a peace-loving gangsta.