Friday, June 24, 2011

kidz & summ-ah time

We busted boredom with a trimmer earlier this week. 

Isaac has requested that his "i" (for isaac) and "!" (because duh - no punctuation mark better describes him!) combination hair-cut be displayed for his friends in TX and MN to see.  He thinks everyone will be very impressed with our idea. Go ahead and pretend you're impressed.

He is no longer sporting this style. We shaved off the i and ! combo - he's back to his  Tèt kale look.

I have managed to stay at home with the fab-five every day each week except Thursday (prenatal day) and Sunday (church).

(Applause acceptable here.)

Some days our cement walls close in on us, but most of the time we can ignore them by using our imaginations. High cement walls and barbed-wire can turn into wide open fields of grass and flowers if you close your eyes tight enough. Oh. Fine.  I am lying. We're sick of the cement walls and they don't look like anything but ugly gray barriers, no matter how hard we try. In spite of that the kids are doing really great.

We mostly stick to the schedule. Learning is taking place each day. Isaac pouts about reading time a little bit.  I figured out he was opening a book to a random spot, reading for a while, closing the book, then moving to a new book the next time. I asked him to read through an entire book.  That pretty much ticked him off. He was previously unfamiliar with this concept.

On the horizon: We will take possession of Hazelnut (our new Mastiff) in a week. We *might* take care of the Hendricks' puppy too.  Before we officially agree to that there will be a family meeting detailing the fact that puppies poop and pee and parents don't do all the work.

Also on the horizon (hopefully the summer '11 horizon): Our school building is waiting for windows. Once they are in the kids and I are going to spend a lot of days over on the property painting and planning.  So far zilch has happened there because of the pace of business in Haiti .... if Haiti teaches you absolutely nothing else - it will teach you patience. Or you will be locked in a padded room - whichever comes first.

On Hope's door is this sign.

The sign says, "Hope - don't come in unless your (babies) 16 or 36 or 38 or Geronne"

A keen eye and sharp mind understands what it really says, which is:  This is Hope's room. Everyone in the family can come in except for Isaac and Noah.

Hope shares her room with Phoebe and Lydia. This forces her to allow them to enter. "Babies" is a label those two cannot seem to shake.

This is the life of a girl sandwiched between brothers.
Signage like that is completely necessary.

A weird virus that caused fever and exhaustion came and went. Four of the five had it over the period of the last two weeks. Isaac has a superior immune system and almost never gets what everyone else gets. For most it was a four day rumble with the unnamed illness. Lydia proved you can sleep anywhere during her bout with it. 

Just as I finished this post we had a small ten second tremor while I was sitting at the kitchen table. Lots of racing hearts in Port au Prince right now.   It certainly took me to an out of control racing heart place. 

God please protect this island from more shaking.