Thursday, October 25, 2012

a link on a stormy morning

River Grise (often a totally dry riverbed - photo this morning)
We woke up to a third day of cool temps, gray skies, and rain. This is almost unheard of here.

(Today) Thursday is Prenatal day, we're expecting a very low turnout.

The hundreds and thousands living a mile away in tents are most certainly exhausted. How do you sleep when everything you own is soaking wet? Where do you put your baby to sleep when water runs under your feet and all around you?

When I think about the way it feels to wear wet clothes and how quickly I want out of them and into dry/clean clothes ... Then to realize that there is no shelter from the wetness and no dry change of clothing to be found - I'm mortified. Truthfully, thousands of people have no option but to wait for this rain and cold to end.

I cannot imagine what it is to be that vulnerable.

The last six weeks have been weeks of lament in my heart and soul. When I get stuck like this, I have a hard time turning to God. The song/lyrics I posted this morning communicates to me, and for me. 

So, God of the universe 
Do you hear the cries
That pour out from all the earth? 

Can your hands of glory reach down and heal the hurt of the broken? 
And God of eternal things - will you give us eyes to see all the light you bring? 
Will you be the voice that causes our hearts to sing for the broken? 
Can we fall in love again for the first time? 
God of the universe when we hear the cries that pour out from all the earth will you give us hands to reach out and heal the hurt of the broken? 

This post is challenging, please read it with an open heart.


J.R. Goudeau said...

This reminded me of the quote on a notecard above my stove. I look at it every day when I cook: “Christ has no body now on earth but yours,
/ no hands but yours, / no feet but yours, / yours are the eyes through which to look out / Christ's compassion to the world. / Yours are the feet with which he is to go about / doing good; / Yours are the hands with which he is to bless [people] now" (Teresa of Avila). I need to reminded of that every day.

And don't you love Kelley's words? I keep thinking about how we are complicit in creating a poverty class. I love insightful people.

Lori H. from Minnesota said...

Looks like today is the last of the "cold" snap but rain continues. How depressing. Hope you don't feel too overwhelmed by the levels of poverty and desperation there. I am thankful that you guys are willing to put yourselves amid such dire circumstances to help.

T & T Livesay said...

Thanks Jessica - I love that Teresa of Avila quote and I was challenged by the post on your blog. So appreciate you and your work.

Thanks Lori - I'm slightly worried right now because I feel this odd soul-weariness that I've not noticed before and I know I need to think about what that is about and why I'm stuck there ... your encouragement comes at a perfect time. Thank you so much.