Saturday, October 13, 2012

the week in review by the numbers

  • 6 number of newly pregnant women added to the prenatal program on Friday
  • 39 total number of pregnant ladies in the program as of this moment
  • 1 woman due to deliver this month that is Hope & Phoebe's big sister 
  • 19 number of prenatal consultations completed on Thursday at Heartline
  • 2 number of short but sweet reunions with earthquake buddies (hi Megs!, hi Kristen!)
  • 1 the number of midwifery modules completed and turned in for grading
  • 3 the number of times Tara planned to study the next unit but failed 
  • 3 number of physicals completed Tuesday for new ladies in the program
  • 2 number of boys in the house that aren't impressed with Columbus or his special day: "Maaany people should have tried to kick his little keister!" -isaac livesay
  • 1 number of cases of Impetigo being treated 
  • numerous- meltdowns by parents or children this week - who's counting?
  • 1 number of tires that fell completely off while driving through Port au Prince
  • 3 phone calls from the landlord negotiating rent 
  • 5+ number of times adults tried to discuss rent/housing issues (related: 5+ number of times conversation yielded no true resolution)
  • 19 number of kind and caring writer/photographer Haiti visitors that came for a delicious Haitian lunch at Heartline this week 
  • 4 pairs of wild knee socks Lydia received (related: 2 the number of nights Lydia wore knee socks to bed)
  • 1 delicious bag of HoneyCrisp Apples that were gifted to us and fought over (related: 28-number of hours that passed before all apples were consumed)
  • 1 number of projectile vomits in the night at house of Troy (related: 2- pieces of paper-towel shoved in nostrils for clean-up process)
  • 3 total number of kids that threatened to puke but didn't (related: 2- the number of elated parents)
  • 2 number of rats killed in yard by Mastiffs at house of Troy 
  • 2 number of rats Geronne pitched over the cement wall back into the bird-yard with a shovel (related: 3-number of days the wind has carried the stench of rodent death over the wall back into our yard)
  • 1 the number of washing machine's that bit the dust (related: 1 the number of grossly overpriced appliances purchased this week) 
  • 1 number of first-world problems experienced and recognized as such (see above)
  • 1 trip to see Geronne's house she is building & measure for windows
  • 1 number of times the power came back on while we were sleeping and the pump was left on at the time of power loss and water was being pumped to the roof cistern and dumping back on the ground in the yard while we slept (Related 2- the number of tummy aches over the horrible atrocity of wasting water here)
  • 0 number of times everyone slept through the night this week
  • 2 number of college applications Paige sent this week 
  • 1 the number of Japanese men that grew up in Peru and now live in Haiti that gave T & T a ride in his car (related: 3-number of broken languages spoken to communicate)
  • 2.5 number of hours two exhausted parents of many children spent away from the house staring into each others eyes and talking without dozens of interruption while eating delicious sushi 
  • 1 number of times Lydia overtly insulted Troy:  "Dad, are you going to change your outfit to look more handsome? I'm not trying to be rude."

finding this place close to our home increased our chances of
romance and marital bliss by a billion - date night!
earthquake reunion #1
earthquake reunion #2

on occasion, it sucks to be Troy
  • many, many. many thanks to all that read, pray, encourage, love, give, serve 
  • multiple wishes for a joy and rest filled October weekend