Friday, October 05, 2012

invitation to tour the maternity center

Please join Lydia on a tour of the current Heartline Maternity Center:

We love this place and are blessed to have everything we need to work with about 40 women on Tuesday and 40 others on Thursday. On occasion babies are delivered in exam rooms when more than one woman is in labor and the extra room is required. We use space in the yard for meals and additional classes on Fridays. We make the most of this property. 

We wanted you to see our space and join us as we dream about expanding to an additional, bigger facility in the future. 
~   ~   ~   ~

(Translation of Lydia in order: Welcome to the Maternity Center, this is the kitchen. This is the classroom where we all work together. Is the baby room where the babies are borned. And this is the room where the babies get checked. Exam room. This is where we listen to the baby's heart beat in the mommy's stomach. This is the postpartum. Thank you for coming on our tour.)