Friday, October 19, 2012

an update

Ten days ago I added this statement (in red) to the Harbor House tab/page.  I also want to publish the update on a new post to be sure we're keeping donors and prayer partners up to date.  

**Update October 8, 2012  
As of this moment we're undecided about the future of the Harbor House. At this time we ask that you not give financial gifts to this program specifically until we determine if we will move forward with taking in another group of young (teen) moms.  The first group graduated on July 21, 2012. We're still working to get each one settled into school or work  (a job) depending upon their needs and this has proven to be a much more difficult task than we imagined.  

Finding the line between advocacy and healthy encouragement/support and creating dependency and entitlement is one of the most difficult pieces of helping someone. Programs that require reintegration into regular life are much more complicated and culturally tricky. We remain uncertain about the future of this program and we ask for your prayers for wisdom and discernment as we decide what to do next and as we continue to help the original 8 teen mothers find their footing outside of the Harbor House. 

Tara Livesay
Heartline Ministries 

We're currently leaning away from doing anything residential again.  The 18 months went as well as can be expected with a house full of hormones and new young mamas. Bonding between mothers and babies took place. At least a few lives were preserved thanks to the shelter and provision of the home. For some young women, personal growth occurred. The challenges with reintegration are formidable.  As of today we're considering using the house to expand some of the education and crafting programs that happen (Haitian Creations) and we continue to pray and seek direction. Thank you for your prayers.  (Follow comments on this post for further information.)