Tuesday, October 02, 2012

collection of kid quotes

In our family we celebrate two birthdays 16 days apart in Sept/Oct. We honored those birthday with a beach trip this past Sunday. It started out not fun due to crappy attitudes and car fights, but turned out to be a very nice time. Sometimes it is necessary (even required) for parents to say threatening things to children on the ride to a family day at the beach. It just is.

I've been scrawling down kid quotes for a couple weeks. Some funny, some just odd.  
The quotes are like the kids that way, I suppose.

Lydie's poolside  salon
(Sunday at beach)
Me - "Lydie, what are you doing honey?"
Lydie - "UH....This lady is letting me do her hair, that's what."
~  ~  ~
(After asking to take the kids' photo all together and making Noah mad)
Me - "Noah, what was that angry terrible attitude about earlier?"
Noah - "There was wind and it was bright and I couldn't see and it hurt."
Me - "Huh. Well all the other kids were there and nobody else had that issue."
Noah - "I am pretty sure Isaac thought it was bright too."
Me - "But did Isaac get mad, cross his arms, refuse to cooperate over it?"
Noah - "No."
Me - "What do you think you could learn ... About choosing to have a good attitude?"
Noah - "I don't want to learn anything."
~  ~  ~
(Walking through the PAP airport parking lot one morning)
"Mama! Careful! I don't want you to get drived on. Either me!" -Lydie
~  ~  ~
(Listening to us talk on a car ride)
"Hey - we need more happy people in this family, not cynical." - Isaac
~  ~  ~ 
(For no reason)
"Daddy -If you count to ten and close your eyes - when we get home I'll scratch your hair."  -Lydie

sept and oct birthday fools

Talking about a menu plan for Lou Lou's upcoming birthday 
(Lydia's nickname is LouLou)
Crying, she says ...  "Aaaawww, Why do we always have to have food on my birthday???"  (She wants only cake and ice-cream for dinner and the again for dessert.) 
~  ~  ~  
(At a friend's house)
"Wow! That's a beautiful generator!! " -Hope
~  ~  ~
"Dad! Lydia put a booger on your iPad!!"  -Noah

~  ~  ~ 
"Times change. Kids don't." - Troy