Friday, October 12, 2012

vote for this peak

Somehow we managed to be out on a rare date on the night of the first debate ...
port-au-prince date night October 3rd ~ check that w.p. 

Our apathy (non) political leanings were covered a couple of weeks ago at this post. 

Last night there wasn't a date night scheduled. We don't have television reception ... Even so, the debate at our house was intense.  

Which man is concerned with the issues of our time?  Who will reduce the national debt? Which man has the best understanding of foreign policy? Who will best protect  and preserve our civil liberties? 


Which man possesses the smartest and sexiest widows peak?  
troylivesay vs paulryan 
That is the debate. (I think you know the answer.) 

1 (top) 2 (middle) 3 (bottom)  - polls are open until 8pm.