Tuesday, October 09, 2012

scandal in port au prince

It turns out that our two sons had been riding around Port au Prince very stressed at the depraved and reprehensible condition of our world.

All of these signs can be seen on their short three mile ride to school. Everywhere they looked they were seeing similar signage.  They simply couldn't imagine why so many businesses were blatantly advertising such overtly scandalous behavior.

They could not comprehend why we were not troubled by it.

When they finally got up the nerve to ask us, we were confused and said, "What do those signs say guys?"

They looked us like we were morons.
How could we not know?!?!

 " You (u) and (n) I  - sex - is what they say Dad!"


The word 'unisex' has been defined and explained.

All is well in their world again.

P.S. If you are (a man or a woman) going to get your hair cut, always choose the place that cuts your hair and serves special beer.
As if you needed that tip.