Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bullying - MK style

While most five and six year olds are teasing each other for predicatable things ---- like boogers or poo, mine are teasing each other about passports.
Overheard a few days ago-

Isaac- Phoebe gets to go back to Haiti with Dad. She is going first.

Hope- Yep, she does. I get to go with Mom though.

Isaac- Oh, who do I go with?

Hope- Well, you don't have a passport so you're not going.

Noah- WHAT????

Hope- Yeah Noah, you don't have one either. I guess you guys can't come.

That Hope is a beauty. She comes across like a little angel-child, soft spoken and sweet. It's all a ruse. She has a sassy mean side just like the boys. I suppose she has to in order to stay in the game with those two.
*Late edit - I must have been tired. Issac is not sassy or mean. Ever. So, I better fix that so as not to ruin his squeky clean rep. He is by far the nicest person in our family. :)