Friday, November 09, 2007

Excitement All Around

It's hard to tell in this photo from this morning, but it is snowing a little bit in MN. This is THRILLING to Hope, Isaac and Noah. They haven't seen snow in almost two years and they're going to make sure everyone knows how wonderful and beautiful the snow is. They left for school in big winter coats for the first time this fall.

There is a decent sized pond in the backyard. Isaac said, "It is frozed and I can go skate on it now!!!!"

We immediately launched into the lecture on how dangerous it would be to go out on the ice right now ... we tossed around words like death and drowning that would scare them from attempting it. The lecture was serious and heavy. At the completion we hoped to get some sort of acknowledgement or sense that we'd successfully scared the crud out of them. Isaac and Hope looked at us wide eyed and nodded in somber understanding. Aahhh the sweet satisfaction of a lecture well receieved ... our satisfaction was short-lived.
(Prince) Noah on the other hand angrily said, "Aaawww, WHAT? Isaac knows how to skate? No fair!! I don't know how to skate!" (Throws himself on the floor to pout.)

We expect to see him falling through the pond by mid-day.


All the big-time bloggers do these crazy give-aways ... true prizes, not just the crud we offer up, such as winning a "Kennedy" post (examples of Kennedys here and here) or winning a week taking care of our kids. Real prizes. I am attempting to come up with a contest that will offer a real prize ... I am competitive and I don't want these big-time bloggers to have any unfair advantage. (Thinking I might know where Noah gets his attitude about unfair things.)

As soon as I come up with the fabulous prize, we will enter into our first real contest. Let the excitement build.

Happy Friday.