Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from a couple of turkeys

These two turkeys were asked a few questions at school today. Their teacher recorded the answers.

Q. How do you cook a turkey?

Ike- First we get the turkey from the store. We bring it home and cook it in the oven on hot for 7 minutes. We also have chicken with the turkey. We eat our Thanksgiving dinner at the table.

Hope- First you go to the store to get it. Then you put it in the oven at 18 degrees for half an hour.

Q. What are you thankful for?

Hope- For birthdays.

Ike- I am thankful that we have Thanksgiving.

And no, we don't have chicken with our Turkey. The problem is, the boy does not know the difference between the two. Hope got sick in the cafeteria during lunch today. I asked her, "Where did you throw up?" She said, "In my hands, I did not want to get it on the floor."

She seems totally better right now. :) I have her training all the other kids to catch their vomit in their own hands. She's proof that it can be done! Puking in your hands also creates less laundry. (If we're eating turkey cooked somewhere between 7 and 30 minutes we might want to be ready to catch some vomit.)