Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reporting on multiple things

2 - Cavities
0- Tears

Hope and Noah have to go back next week for their fillings. Advance Family Dental and Mom Livesay -- Thank you SO VERY much for your kindness and help. (Troy's mom holding Hope in second photo. The photo where the batteries died.)

Britt has moved into her own stage of mourning in recent days. I started crying a year ago, she waited until now. To each his own. :) She hates to think about leaving her siblings and especially feels sad that Lydie "won't know her." I know that our house in Haiti will never seem the same without Britt. We won't even pretend it is possible. BUT, I also know that God's grace is sufficient to get us through the adjustment period and it won't be too long and we'll be getting Britt from the PAP airport for her summer visit.
Jen checked baby Annie over and thinks she looks and sounds great. The miracle of what a mom does for a baby seems so much more real when you think about how sickly and ill Joceline was and how little she had in the way of food, medicine, or medical care. With all those strikes against her and living in a tiny cinder block house --- her body still protected baby Annie. It's crazy.

In other exciting news - my girl Paige is turning the big One Three 13 on Friday. How weird to have another teenager in the house. Last year I wrote about Paige's story here.

We are headed south later today and Paige will celebrate 13 at the very southern tip of Texas with her grandma Porter, her aunt Tina, and her mom. (Lydie too of course.) I talked Paige into speaking with me at Christ Harbor, the church we've been invited to share at on Sunday. I'm far from a confident public speaker, Paige does pretty well.

Troy and Britt will hold down the fort with the rest of the crew for a few days. I would expect exactly zero blog reports from them and I am guessing that Paige and I will kick back and play and not be near the computer very much either.