Thursday, November 15, 2007

You're all winners in our book!

Contest Over.
The effort shown was impressive. We've decided to give the people who guessed it right FIRST a Sara Groves CD AND then there will be a drawing for a second CD for all of the rest of you who got it right. The Thimjon's of Minnesota were the first to get it. We will throw the other names in a hat on Thursday night and let you know who wins the second CD.

Our friends asked us about going to Vegas back in July or August. At that point we were very hot, hungry for good food, and pregnant. Initially I believe Troy said something like, "Vegas? We cannot go to Las Vegas ... Sin City? People won't dig that at all!" Then they offered us their frequent flier miles and the hotel and BAM, all of our reservations about being judged went out the window. Free trip? Heck yeah. Judge if you must. ;-)
In the end we decided not to worry about anyone assuming we would be gambling their support away. For the record, we are totally perplexed by gambling and more than anything, Vegas is kind of sad and empty. What can be uplifting about people sitting in front of slot machines night after night losing their retirement, savings, and their pride? I just don't get gambling. I see no upside.
We did get to go to Red Rock Canyon, The Hoover Dam (former president clue), and on a tour of a chocolate factory. We spent lots of time people watching (this is -after all -where trailer meets glamour) and looking at amazingly designed hotels and shopping malls. It's very much the anti-Haiti. We kept wondering what Tipap would do if he saw what we were seeing. The lights (with round the clock electricity!) alone would blow his mind.
In addition to all of that we ate a lot; sometimes at buffets. (Vegas is all about gluttony ... why not have a buffet available on every corner?) Troy and Jack and Jess watched a huge hotel get blown up, Lydia and I are far too sensible for that. We slept. There was also a Vince Vaughn sighting, with photos to prove it. We slept in every day. That was my favorite part.
The contest was fun ... we were entertained by it anyway. I (Tara) am from Omaha, Nebraska ... born and partly raised there. I liked those guesses. Mrs. Incredible, Corey, you win the prize for worst guesses. We'll send you a certificate or something.
We have some really cool photos of Hoover Dam and this amazing road they are building -- but we need a faster connection to load multiple photos, so we'll get those posted later.

Bringing Lydie B. to Vegas ... it was interesting. It was sort of taking the "Vegas Baby!" thing very literally. She was so good, but of course drew lots of attention. My favorite thing was when Troy started being smart about it when people asked about her. After they asked how old she was, he would offer a dead-pan response of, "six weeks - she's a big gambler." Her troubled look in this photo pretty much sums up her thoughts about sin city.

Troy is thinking about gathering a group of investors to buy property and build the first missions-based casino. The money spent in one of these unbelievable hotels could stamp out hunger and poverty in no time.