Sunday, November 04, 2007

Minnesota Happenings

I feel peppier today. I wish we could fall back every single night! (the peppiness did not result in clear/organized thinking, but it still felt good)

We had a great time celebrating Britt's graduation yesterday. The ceremony was made so much more special because our cousins who can sing (beyond anything American Idol ever serves up) did two songs and our Uncle delivered the commencement address. The MC was a cute guy that goes by Grandpa, Papa and Dad. Noah made a brief appearance when he chose to go to the stage and get on a microphone just for kicks. The slide show that Troy put together was on the long side (it is hard to chose photos to sum up almost 18 years) but well-received. A few folks who could not make it asked about putting the slide show on the blog, we will try to figure that out for you. I also have some photos to post when time allows. Thankfully, I watched it enough times that I did not need to cry watching it yesterday.

Troy and I want to thank Dianne, Tori, Brenda and Nate (and kids) -- along with Pastor Rich and Karen, for the help you gave us setting up and tearing down. You are amazing friends and your servant hearts blow us away. Thanks to all of you who helped with food too! I am told that the Ham Sandwiches were far above average and not all that tiny really. Thanks to the Larsons for taking some of our troop for the weekend.

We were also really excited that you came Karla and girls! Karla is a friend that I made back in the Precious in His Sight adoption days in 2002. Her twin girls were together with Hope and Isaac in the orphanage. They are all big Kindergartners now.

We hope to meet with a friend from church who is also a realtor this week. The market is terrible but we're trusting that God will direct either the SALE of our house or we will still come up with a renter. Our hearts are for Haiti and quite honestly, IN Haiti. We still think that is where God wants us but we just need Him to confirm that by clearing up the house issue. We did not anticipate losing our renter, but God knew and we believe He also knows what the next step is, we're just waiting to see what that is.

Now that the main objectives of having Lydia, helping Britter find a school, and having her grad party are complete we are ready to head south and get back into the groove of life in Haiti. In so many ways life is simpler there. We miss it!

I found out this week that I will be able to share about Haiti at the church my parents attend in Southern Texas the first Sunday in December. Mom (and Dad) are flying Paige and I down for that and a fun birthday treat for Paige's 13th birthday late this month.

Troy is set to go back to Haiti January 1, we just need to decide which kids will go with him and which ones will stay back and wait for me to get Britt settled in at Baylor. Tess is all set to join us for four and a half months, we are blessed by her desire to help.

Thanks for checking in on us today. We hope you're well and that if there is something we can be praying about in your life, you will let us know.

Much Love-
Tara for all

"God's work, done God's way, will never lack God's supply."
-Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China