Thursday, November 01, 2007

Can I get a YeeHaw?

Hey Y'all -

We made it! I'm not gonna lie, it was exhausting ... From start to Finish ... But our 36 hours in the great state of Texas proved to bring Britt to a place of decision.

We're happy to be back and glad we made the trip. We managed to miss out on Phoebe's diarrhea issues and Hope's vomiting all in those short 36 hours.

Fast facts of little or no interest to most people ... but of GREAT interest to me:

None of these are the reasons Britt liked Baylor, she is far too intelligent for such nonsense. She had a great meeting with the pre-med department and had an opportunity to really check things out.

We wanted to prove to Lydia (someday) that she was part of this big moment in Britt's life. She could not have been better for us, she slept and was very flexible while we took her in and out and in and out of her carseat. She is all about seeing the world. Thank you Lord for a mellow baby!