Friday, November 30, 2007

Live from Texas on Paige's 13th B-day

Older and wiser Paige and I are headed out for a day of fun together. We have our list of items needed before the trip home in January and we're determined to make headway. Most of the items are summer items, hopefully being in TX will make finding sandals for all the growing feet a little bit easier. She has been swimming and shopping, two of her favorite things. The temps are perfect, about 78 each day. Tonight Grandma is taking us all out for a birthday dinner.

Troy reports that yesterday was a breeze and the four little ones and Britt were all being cherubs for him. Dad is taking them to a Vikings game this weekend and Britt gets to go to a Wild hockey game. It is apparently about four degrees there. So sad we're missing that.

The other day Hope and Isaac were asked to share about Haiti in their Kindergarten class. They only have a few days of school left so the teacher wanted to give them a chance to tell their classmates about it. I asked them what they told the kids. Here are their responses.

Hope - I told them about the watermelon and the tomangos (mangos morphed with tomatoes - she cannot keep it straight) and the plantains. I told them we have a big house there.

Isaac- I told them that we live by three beaches and it is always hot there and we have a swing set.

I asked - Did you tell them anything about the kids in the feeding program or talk about how the people there live? Did you tell them that no one has electricity or running water?

Isaac- no
Hope- no

Isaac- But I did tell them that lots of the kids are naked sometimes.

I said- Oh, did the kids think that was funny or weird?

Isaac- No

I said- Oh. huh, that surprises me I wonder if they wanted to know why the kids are naked

Isaac- uh, yeah! - they KNOW mom (insert duh voice) they know the kids don't wear clothes because it is so hot. (more duh tone of voice)

It is very interesting to me how oblivious kids can be. I also think it is wonderful. They see what they want to see and for now the fruit, the beaches and the playground are all they need to see. If they don't dwell on the negative it is fine with me.

Big old suitcases or duffel bags --- they don't need to have wheels - the lighter they are the more we can pack in them. If you have one that could easily be picked up (in twin cities) or mailed to us, please let us know. We would likely be too unorganized to get it back to you very soon so only offer things you can part with. We are happy to buy them from you.
We have 14 allowed pieces of luggage and lots of supplies to try and get back down there - we are actually looking for about 8 to 10 big bags.