Friday, November 16, 2007

digging out

Let it be known ...

When you leave for vacation and leave your troubles behind, they do not go away. They wait for you to come back. They laugh in your face. They scoff and they mock.

If you have emailed (as long as October 27th ago) I do have an intention to write back and answer your question. If it is really important and your answer is needed NOW -- just tell me to answer you NOW.

If you gave us a wonderful baby gift, we are not ungrateful ... just unorganized. We want to thank you, we intend to thank you --- but it just is not happening very quickly. Sigh.

If it makes you feel any better, you are not the only things being neglected. My hair is still mostly unwashed and under a baseball cap. I'm hoping to build in time for a shower prior to the dedication service at church on Sunday. I found my oatmeal from 8 this morning in the microwave tonight at 9pm. I am neglecting many things, including the most important meal of the day.

Lydia slept TWO ... count them, TWO three hour intervals last night. Add that up people, that is SIX hours of sleep split into only TWO parts. If you were praying for longer sleep, please get more specific. Please request one six hour and one four hour interval with one twenty minute feeding in the middle. That way I could get other things done and sleep. Maybe then you would get your thank-you note for the gift you gave us two months ago.

more digging to do before bed, must go.