Tuesday, November 06, 2007

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To all families with many little kids, do you EVER feel like things are in control? Just be real with me. How many years did it take to feel controlled? Are we talking a year, or five? Is it even possible ever again?

I saw a photo from this weekend where I appear to be 55 instead of 35 and now I realize that the sleep deprivation is catching up with me. Lydia is on the eat every two hours plan ... we're desperately in need of a new plan. We'll sit down and go over a new plan with her sometime this afternoon. I'm proposing every four hours during night hours.

We're shopping for a few items on-line to get onto the sea container that will ship to Haiti on December 15. We found a Craigs List crib for super cheap and are looking for a dresser or two. You can buy dressers in Haiti, if you're not picky about wanting the drawers to slide open you'll be thrilled with the purchase. In the past we've used Rubbermaid bins for dressers, but now that the numbers are getting out of control I think a dresser might help keep things more organized. Wishful thinking maybe?

If you've been reading for awhile you know that Isaac's birthmother is due to have a baby on December 9th. (Basically anytime now.) That baby girl would then be adopted by Tina and Matt. (Sister and BIL) The word from Haiti is that the birthmom is not very healthy. She is pretty weak and anemic, even with the efforts to get some vitamins and iron into her. If anything happens to her she leaves six kids without a mom. Please pray for her health and the health of the unborn baby. Pray for Beth McHoul who is really our only contact with the birthmom right now, she is tracking the pregnancy and will be the one to help the birthmom when it comes time to deliver.

Troy is on roids now. Not only is he bulky and so much stronger, he is also getting some relief from itching thanks to the steroids. The Michigan folks brought him this cake this weekend, it is a mite cake. A larger, edible version of his friends living beneath the skin. Having fun at the expense of someone who is miserable is surely one of the greatest joys in life. (Family motto: We tease because we love.)
The Doctor tells Troy that the bugs are dead now and just need more time to "shed." Lovely visual isn't it?