Sunday, November 25, 2007

When Children Pray ...

I usually cope with hard times by being sarcastic and making a joke of it all.

Yesterday was one of the most difficult days in my long and distinguished parenting career. By the end of the day I had three sick: Isaac,Noah, Phoebe. The night before I slept exactly 17 minutes between Noah's frequent vomiting and Lydia's frequent eating.

This morning I sat in a quiet spot waiting for the troops to wake up. Hope came out first, she said her throat hurts but she is still okay. Isaac appeared next with a joyous annoucement. He said, "Mama, I slept so much and my sickness is gone!" Then Noah came out, he was crying and he said, "I'm sad - I am still sick." (He looks terrible, judging from his appearance I would say he is diagnosing himself correctly.)

Hope said, "Oh Noah, I want to pray for you." She came over and set her hand on his back and prayed the sweetest prayer I have ever heard. I won't ever forget it.

She totally blessed me . Today is a new day. May God grant the sweet prayers of a child and may this family be healthy soon. Amen.