Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Fun

The two lovely ladies are gone. They set the alarm for 4am to get up and go shopping. Neither of them have anything they want to buy. They just wanted to see what all the hype is about. We've never gotten into the whole day after Thanksgiving shopping thing. Paige envisioned running into the store when the doors opened at 5am ... Like some sort of competition. She wondered if she would need to push old ladies and small children out of her way to get to the deals. I think they're both a little nuts but they have been planning this day for weeks. As excited as Paige was, I am hoping the early morning wake-up does not lead to short tempers and sisterly snapping/fighting in the late morning.

Troy is in Nebraska with Dad and Matt. Dad has taken the guys on a two day hunting trip. They are all giddy and excited to walk around in the cold for hours and shoot at birds.

I will have none of any of that nonsense. I am staying home and working my magic in the laundry room.

Happy Friday after Thanksgiving.