Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weird Things - Weird People

Last Wednesday night Troy had all the kids over at my Mom's house. I was gone with Britt. The only person home was my brother in law, Matt. The doorbell rang. Matt answered it. The lady at the door said:

"Hi, I am from the gray house (points to house) and I just wanted to bring this over for the kids from the Continent. They know who I am. Tell them they can take it back to the Continent to share with their friends."

She left a bunch of candy for them, turned and headed back to her house for another glass of whiskey.

"The kids from the Continent?" I am trying to get Isaac to tell me how this lady knows him or why she thinks he lives in Africa ... but so far it is a mystery.

The next weird thing is our kid. After Britt's party Noah went home with my cousin Shey and her family. They pointed out that Noah has a British accent. We thought about it and said, yeah, he does say some words funny. Well, something happened to him while he was over there. EVERYTHING he says sounds British now. It's like you're talking to the Queen and not Noah. I found this explanation. Apparently the boy has suffered a stroke. It is SO WEIRD. The way he speaks has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. We all walk around mocking him ... which is the way we show love. A kid from MN that lives in Haiti that has an British accent. How odd can he be?
Last night we had total control of our children. Sure, it was because we took only three of our children and went to dinner at our Pastor's house, but we still had control. Paige, Isaac, and Lydia were voted on the "go to Pastor Rich and Karen's house" team. We agreed that it was an odd division, not one we had tried previously ... but definitely a winning combination. Sometimes divide and conquer means leaving a lot of people home. We talked, enjoyed a yummy meal and had a chance to update the Mission committee from our church. Thanks Brittany for taking care of the British boy and Phoebe and Hope!
This week we have the last two swim meets for Britter. We'll meet with the Realtor to figure out how to aggressively price our home to sell and decide about all of that. We're taking photos of a bunch of furniture to put on Craigs list. (Email us if you're looking for gently used furniture.) AND THEN, early next week, Troy and Lydie B. and I are taking off for a few days. Some friends blessed us with a trip, they booked us on their frequent flier miles and we're going away with them for a few days. The trip happens to fall on our 9th wedding anniversary. Now that the big boy says that the bugs are almost all dead, we may even sleep in the same bed ... a bold move for sure.