Thursday, November 15, 2007

not intended to offend

We're flying home in a bit. We're anxious to see our kids. We will get all our talking in on the flight, as we know that the constant noise at home allows for little of that. Sometimes, if things get really noisy, we just instant message from one side of the room to the other. Communication takes on a whole new meaning when raising a bunch of rowdies.

I have been trying to figure out how to write about this ... without sounding defensive or annoyed. I don't think it will work, so forgive me if there is any hint of either of those things. This is an attempt to clarify.

Recently we learned that this post offended someone. They disliked my honest use of a word that described how upset I was. A complaint was lodged about it - we heard about it later when it made its way back to us.

We sort of toss off the traditional title of "missionary," in that we are not willing to be placed on a pedestal or be considered spiritually superior or holy. Sometimes missionaries are like that. But not us. We desire to grow, we're in process. We want to be who we are and we want to share our true feelings. We would really love to say that life is all sunshine and roses and it would be great if we could truly tell you that our lives are perfect and we are not big sinners and we never mess up or get angry. But that is just one honkin lie. I write most of the blog, Troy writes occasionally. I tend to be the sassier of the two of us, and I also have a bit more of a temper. I struggle personally with always using good language. I admit, when angry or hurt, a cuss word will escape my lips. I don't think it is good, but it is true. I'm trying to do better, sometimes it works.
We never know what will offend someone and what is acceptable. Our commitment is to tell the truth about where we are, the truth about the awesome and forgiving God we serve ... who loves us in our messy grime, and to not try to be someone that we're not. We're just writing as if we were talking to you. Just being us. It is important to note that while we serve with Children's International Lifeline, technically as self-supported or non-salaried "employees" of the ministry, what we say and how we relate and our opinions may or may not match up with their position.

Lifeline is a ministry that has been doing some super cool things in Haiti for many years ... with various missionaries throughout those years, and as with all things of this nature ---- it is God working through people --- it is not the people making things happen - it is THE GOD making things happen. God has to work a lot harder when He works through us.
We are two average people, raising an average group of kids, sharing normal emotions and thoughts. We like to laugh, we like to tease, we enjoy sarcasm. In addition to the goofy things, we hope that what you see when you read this blog, is our sincere desire to trust God, to love Him, and to experience all that He has for us as He leads us along a path that is revealed to us only bit by bit. Please don't be offended by us being us. The Lord will deal with us on all of that.

We appreciate that you read. We're never out to offend.