Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Ask Isaac"

Introducing a weekly column written by our very own family diplomat and eternal optimist, "Ask Isaac" will be published each Saturday.

Hello everybody,  I am Isaac Livesay.

I am ten and a half and I live in Haiti. This is my first blog post ever! 

I  will   be  willing  to  answer any questions you may have for Hope, me, and Noah. If you have a question for Hope or Noah I will pass it along and write their answer back.

Here are some more facts  about me. 

  • I  was   born  September 18, 2001, close to a tragic moment. 
  • My  favorite color is orange. 
  • My  most absolute favorite food is wonderful STEAK!  
  • Enough about me, I want to leave you with some questions.

My  plan  is to answer any questions you might have about anything about me or my life or Haiti or anything at all like that in a post each Saturday this summer.  

You can leave your question in a comment or you can email with "Ask Isaac" in the subject line.