Friday, May 11, 2012

bon voyage 11th, 4th, 3rd, and 1st grade ...

Today is the last day of the 2011-2012 school year.  (the crowd goes wild)

Last year at this time we were exchanging emails with Jimmy and Becky and wondering how in the world they could be brave enough to get married in June and move to Haiti in August ... Then by August we were wondering how in the world they'd be strong enough to have a baby in the middle of all of the first year chaos of being newlyweds and living in a stressful new place.

We didn't need to worry about them. They roll with Haiti's curveballs better than the rest of us in many ways. (well, and regular life curveballs too)

Their gifts and talents have been the answer to multiple (stressed) serious conversations about educating our children.

The logistics of getting kids to school here and meeting the many varying needs (grade levels and unique personalities) were getting kind of mind-numbing.

The Burtons did beautiful work with our kids. They even added Phoebe and Lydie in for two days a week at the end of the year to get them ready for the routine next year.  Phoebe will be going five days a week in the fall.  Lydie isn't quite there and will do a pre-K two day schedule. (Six grade levels next year - they have their work cut out for them!)

On their last day of this school year the kids (and the parents) want to salute Mr. Jimmy and Ms. Becky for the preparation, planning, execution, hard work, patience, and love they provided this year. 

The kids and Troy and I also want to thank Heather Hendrick for choosing and getting us going on this path, we could not be more thrilled with the curriculm she chose.  Our kids are smarter thanks to this, thank you so much H!

Lastly, the building that our kids use for school was given by our friends Heather and Gerson.  We were literally given a building at the exact time we were wondring 'hmmmm, how will this all work and where will we do school?'  .... Thank you guys. I wish you could come see how much the little lards learned in that building this year.

Spirit Week Photos:
(Royalty Day - Paige and Hope went big, everyone else .... Meh.)

(Western Day - Thanks to google Isaac now believes he is not the first black cowboy in history.)

(Paige with  Abigail Burton.  Her nickname given by Lydie is "Abba-baby-girl") 

I asked the kids last night if they will cry saying goodbye to J and B for the summer.  Three of six said they think they probably will.  We're praying for the Burtons as they go "home" later this month and hoping their Texas summer is a fun and fabulous time of reconnecting with family and friends.  We love you Jimmy and Becky!