Monday, May 28, 2012


Lots of things about day to day life here are very different for us. Before we moved here I (Tara) did 95% of all of the shopping for our household. The kids and I would end up at a large grocery store or Target at least once a week, usually more.

Here many of our roles flip-flopped. I go many weeks and sometimes months without entering a store or buying anything.  Troy does the vast majority of our shopping. I haven't been inside a store in Haiti for a couple months.

It is okay with me that we've switched the way we do things, the only problem is buying things and making choices is actually a skill that grown up people sort of need to know how to do.  The truth is, without practice you can start to suck at shopping for groceries.

We're trying to remember that our kids also need to learn to choose things in stores. Troy and a couple of our kids had a chance to visit a much nicer/fancier grocery store far from our house this weekend. The store has about 10 times as many products and choices as the store we usually use. They all agreed that there was room for improvement in their shopping skills and they need to work on staying focused.  (It's good to have goals.)