Friday, May 18, 2012

Flag Day Happenings

  • Took Paige horseback riding this morning ... light traffic made for a easy commute
  • We recently added 15 new women to the prenatal program, today 5 came for physicals and lab-work  - thanks for praying for the pregnant ladies! 
  • Wideline delivered a baby boy this week .
  • May 18 is Haiti's flag day, Troy watched one parade as he waited in traffic this morning (photo)
  • Hope and Phoebe hadn't seen their first momma in about a year. This morning while Troy met with her the girls went along to say hello too. We're thankful the girls both do okay with these visits because it deeply blesses their first mama to see them and be assured they're healthy and thriving. 
  • Rumors from the downtown area of protests and trouble; praying for calm and refusing to stop hoping for a better Haiti.