Friday, May 04, 2012

many random things post

  • Wednesday after a meeting ended, (covering topics that are more than mildly stressful and emotional) all of a sudden Troy had a horrible headache that included not being able to see well out of one eye.  He laid down and I left to go get the kids from school. We're past that little episode now and not concerned .... The only lasting effect is that while he could not see, Troy was clicking around on the interweb and somehow managed to join Pinterest and agreed to follow every Facebook friend that has Pinterest. (Ignore warning prompts much?) Simultaneously hundreds of women were notified that Troy was 'following' them and their pins. Most were amused, some were horrified. As we began to hear from the ladies he realized what he'd done and tried to undo it, eventually giving up and accepting the full on mock-Troy-party-event that we had Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  He told me he wanted to join Pinterest SECRETLY so that he could look at two great photographers and tips they post and nothing more.  As a defense mechanism against the teasing he threw his hands in the air and emphatically stated that he "WILL NEVER PIN ANYTHING!!!" The mistake was costly for Troy's ego and quite entertaining for the rest of us.  (Mockery photo courtesy of Corrigan Clay)
Roberta & Jean
  • Roberta, the lady that we transported last Friday because she went into labor too early, is doing well. Her 5lb son Jean is a precious little guy. 
  • Two new ladies were accepted into the Prenatal program today. All of the babes born recently are doing well.  Yanique left the post-partum wing to head home. The next ladies due can be found at the tab called "Prayers for Pregos" at the top of this blog.  
  • TOMORROW (May 5) is 'International Day of the Midwife'.  Please support your favorite midwife or midwife to be (nudge nudge) by donating to Heartline Ministries.

2010 Thanksgiving weekend
  • This lovely young-adult will head to Haiti in just a few days to spend Mother's Day weekend with her mother.  We.are.very.excited.  This makes the third Mother's Day in a row that all my children will be together.  That's a gift that lasts all year.
Fishing in MN 2010
  • Troy's Mom is teaching Isaac a little bit about fishing in this photo.  Clearly Isaac knows very little about the topic. In a couple of weeks she'll be in Haiti for the first time and Isaac is planning what things he'd like to share with her about his life. We're hoping to show her everything we do, see, and love in Haiti. The countdown to Grandma Livesay's arrival has begun.
  • Today Isaac is missing the first day of school he has missed all year. He has a low fever and pain behind his eyes. Isaac would NEVER fake sick to miss school. He loves it. He has five days left and he has already said "I cannot wait till next year so we can start memorizing more stuff."  Someone kindly shared this video (below) with me today.  Before we started it I said, "Isaac, if someone visiting us asked you 'Where's home for you?' what would you say to them?"   Isaac paused to think and he said, "Home is with my family."  This video will help him see that lots of kids/adults don't think of home as a specific geographic location.  

  • Beth has some big and difficult stuff happening. Please pray for her in the coming days and weeks.  Her younger sister had a heart-attack this week and is hospitalized in critical condition. Beth will likely head to Boston to be with her family very soon.
Noah Garfunkel 
  • Troy got an amazing (says the stylist) haircut last night. Noah has gone the way of John McHoul and now considers his hair the most important part of his identity. He says we cannot consider cutting it right now.
Kevin & Paige
  • Our weekend plans include lots of catching up and cleaning up (the canine mango poopers might force us to bleach our entire yard) but we also have a double date planned with these two precious youngsters. Happy weekend everyone.