Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moses Update

I am guessing most readers remember this precious little face that is attached to this amazing little boy.

If not, here is the background information:

Original post about Moses  - (most hits of any single post besides the earthquake post)
Post about Moses finding a family ~ A family finding Moses.  (A great day!)

Moses is doing well at COTP orphanage. He is working at sitting and is VERY loved by the staff there. His family is working hard to finish the very last steps of the dossier process.  They are daily in prayer for a miraculously fast adoption for Moses.

We know so many of you prayed Moses would find a family, so many of your prayed he would be able to leave Haiti for the very best medical care available to him.  Thank you for that.  The day this boy flies out of Haiti there will be much rejoicing world-wide.  I believe that day is coming and I am excited to witness it.

Your prayers have moved mountains for this little boy already, his adoptive parents covet your continued prayers.  Please pray for Moses and his mom (Lisa) and dad (Nathaniel) and his siblings that are eager to meet him.

All adoptive parents face an incredibly painful time of waiting. If you know someone adopting, please encourage them and pray for them during the difficult days of the adoption process.

Ultimately we pray and hope for a day where poverty doesn't create 'orphans' - where mothers can and do choose to raise their children. (We can all agree that reducing the number of children in orphanages is the goal.)  Until that day please  (1) support programs that educate, train and encourage mothers to parent (2) support adoptive parents with prayers and encouragement

We are praying for you Moses!

To support one program that encourages and supports mothers to keep and raise their children, see the recently updated post with new women added here:  Prayers for Pregos .