Tuesday, May 15, 2012

climb the walls

It is the first week of our summer (no school) here.

Day One was spent with Britt before taking her to the airport for her 5pm flight yesterday. Day one was easy.

Day two isn't looking quite so easy. The days stretch out before us without any formation of any sort of plan to keep these 5 smallish people busy/happy.

When we went to counseling after the earthquake the counselor would always ask "On a scale of one to seven, seven being the worst you've ever felt, how do you rate your current stress-level surrounding ______ ?"(insert issue).  He would then help work through whatever the issue was until we could rationally reduce our stress level.

We need that guy here right now.   We need that guy and a YMCA summer camp, a community center, a VBS program, a library, a park, a different park, a water park, a summer theater program, a bike path, a hiking trail, our cousins to play with, a trampoline,  ... We need all of that or less glass on the walls for safer climbing.

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