Monday, May 21, 2012

short report(s)

~This morning I was sipping some coffee telling the boys about Britt's marathon finish.  (WAY TO GO BRITT!)

I would guess I had a bit of a proud motherly tone as I spoke of her accomplishment.  They listened and oohed and aahed over their sister.

Sitting nearby Lydia in her best very matter of fact and unimpressed tone stated, "Well.  I am a runner too."

I'm learning that four year olds can be jealous of 22 year olds and I'm thinking the next decade with this one could be sketchy.  (I guess she's a runner?!? Probably doing the bulk of the training while I sleep?)

All last week I heard "Stay lookin at me, Mom!" about twenty times a day.  She may be 7th in line but she demands to be heard/seen/noticed/appreciated/applauded... repeat repeat.

~Troy's Mama has not been to Haiti before today, she lands in approximately 6 minutes.  We have a house full of fevers and sore throats but we refuse to let that bring us down. We're so glad she's here!

~Our truck overheated today with children in tow.  Nothing causes a freak-out quite like being in intense heat on the side of the road far from home with "stay lookin at me" with you. I remained not calm and texted Troy to get on his radar in case we couldn't find a work-around. In the end we managed to drop Paige off and limp home without much more than one frustrated exchange with an oncoming armored car truck that seemed to want to crash into us at a high speed in our lane of traffic.  Our longevity in Haiti rests heavily on Troy doing the bulk of the driving. My refining process in the area of patience for moronic drivers hasn't progressed much at all over the years.

~No babies in many days, currently no reports of labor pains.